Volks Wagon Scirocco Pictures

The Scirocco is a 3-door sporty small family car manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen, undergoing two generations of development between 1974 and 1992 and reintroduced in a third generation in August 2008.

The Scirocco name derives from the Italian word for the Sirocco wind — and the period in its history when Volkswagen named vehicles after prominent winds, including also Passat (after the German word for Trade wind), Golf (after Gulf Stream), Bora (after Bora), Polo (after Polar Winds), and Jetta (after Jet stream).
Munich based tuner, HS Motorsport, has unveiled its version of custom Volkswagen Scirocco which is named as Remis by the tuner.
The HS Motorsport Volkswagen Scirocco Remis Edition is powered by a modified 2.0-liter TSI engine that could produce 290 hp (213 kW), an increase of 90 hp from the stock. The power increase is made possible thanks to the SKN power kit, a new air intake system and a new exhaust system.

The new exhaust system consists of a 70 mm flame pipe, EU-approved catalytic converter and new rear mufflers.HS Motorsport can also provide a 320 hp (235 kW) performance package upon request.Other features include Brembo Grand Turismo brake system, H&R coilover kit to replace the stock suspension system and 9×20” matte black wheels wrapped with 245/30 ZR20 Vredestein tires.
At the exterior, the Volkswagen Scirocco Remis features new carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, side skirts and black matte roof.
Volkswagen, a very fine piece of German engineering responsible for making some of the most desirable and reliable cars on the market ranging from the likes of the Golf to the Scirocco. The Golf has several models from the mk 1 to the mk 6. The mk 1 Golf was first brought out in the early 1970's and was produced up until 1984 which is when the Golf received its first makeover becoming the VW Golf mk 2. there were very few changes the wheelbase was made larger and the inner and outer dimensions of the car were also expanded.


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