ASMA Design Perfectus McLaren SLR Wallpapers

Carbon may be the customizing material of preference for hardcore tuners alike, but before the unveiling of Perfectus, no-one had truly used this most breathtaking and powerful material to its full and awe-inspiring effect. But, because these stunning pictures are only able to prove, Erturul ASMA has had the McLaren to entirely new amounts of automotive theatre. Actually, as a result of Perfectus, you are able to overlook the whole world of top-end tuning here that is known, and today, and but now, think with regards to a wonderful modern age of carbon customization.

Wide arch at a minimum of 2-metres as a whole width, with more than 10cms of super-phat and super-sculpted carbon over each one of the one-off ASMA rims, rims which are also mind-blowing within their dimensions. So how exactly does 325-25-20 the back and 255-30-20 at the start grab you? Hard! As soon as this stunning carbon design grabs you, it’s going to never allow you to go. The wide ‘n’ wild completely custom graphite bodywork is merely unmatched and unbeatable, around the globe. Sharp, extra-aggressive F1-inspired bodylines take this SLR to completely new amounts of road-presence; this SLR is definitely entirely attack mode, making 700hp to back-up the ASMA Design styling.


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