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Renault Clio Campus (2009) is a new special edition model that has been announced by Renault. Based on the original version, 2009 Renault Clio Campus has a new front-end styling design. Renault Clio Campus (2009) is 3.81 meters in length and comes with some optional engines: the 1.2 60 and 1.2 16V 75 petrol engine, the dCi 65 and the dCi 85 diesel units, and also the 1.2 60 LPG engine. Renault Clio Campus (2009) is a special edition car model that continues the tradition for its previous model on 2005 which sold over 400,000 units in 22 countries. Renault continues the renewal of its compact car range with the introduction of the latest generation Renault Clio Campus, the production of which was recently split between the firm’s factories in Flins (France) and Novo Mesto (Slovenia).

- With a score of 400,000 cars sold in 22 countries since 2005, this compact and versatile hatchback has carved out a real place for itself in the market alongside Clio III. Renault Clio Campus (length: 3.81 meters) slots in the range between Twingo (3.60m/three doors) and New Clio (4.03m) to stand out as the most compact model of Renault’s five-door, versatile city car range.
· 2009 Renault CRenault Clio Campus 1 marks the introduction of a new visual identity. The front end expresses even more personality than before, while the design of the new front bumper and grille add a distinctive touch of elegance and dynamism.
· 2009 Renault Clio Campus is respectful of the environment: all the versions that feature in the catalogue comply with the three criteria necessary to qualify for the Renault eco² signature2. The LPG version, which was France’s best-selling LPG model in 2008 and was sold almost 7000 units worldwide in 2008, has been carried over.
· 2009 Renault Clio Campus boasts the same acclaimed reliability and particularly competitive running costs as its predecessor.

· 2009 Renault Clio Campus will be released for sale from June (depending on market). In France, its launch will mark the introduction of an all-new sales method developed to guarantee a competitive entry level price.

Renault Clio Campus continues its European career with this month’s launch of the very latest version of the model. Since 2005, it has sat alongside New Renault Clio in the range and sold in 22 countries, winning over almost 400,000 customers in Europe alone. In 2008, Clio Campus’ leading markets were France (40%), Italy (12%), Algeria (8%), Germany (7%) and Spain (6%). Buyers are attracted by the values championed by the Renault brand and seek a reliable car with low purchase and running costs. They will continue to find these selfsame qualities in the latest-generation version which features even more attractive styling. In recent months, the European market has been influenced by two factors which have boosted sales of A/B-segment cars:

- The introduction of CO2 emissions-related tax incentives,
- Support measures (trade-in for scrap schemes).
Renault is ideally positioned to respond to this shift in the market thanks to its particularly comprehensive range of compact models. A hatchback compact models range :whose length increases in incremental steps of 20cm:

- Twingo 3.60m / 3 doors Feisty, practical and connected.
- Renault Clio Campus 3.81m / 3 or 5 doors Compact and versatile: access to the Clio family.
- New Clio 4.03m / 3 or 5 doors Benchmark comfort and driving pleasure for its class,
plus a performance/equipment package worthy of a Csegment vehicle.
- Clio Estate 4.23m The same strengths as New Clio, plus even greater carrying capacity.

A family of small and large MPVs which feature a high-up driving position:

- Modus 3.87m The comfortable, entry level MPV.
- Grand Modus 4.03m A generously-dimensioned MPV for families.
The next generation of Renault Clio Campus will be will be released for sale from June (depending on country). In addition to its chief European markets, 2009 Renault Clio Campuswill also be available in Algeria and Tunisia. It will be known as Renault Clio Campus or Clio Storia according to the countries where it is marketed.

Renault Clio Wallpapers

Renault Clio Wallpapers
Renault Clio Wallpapers

Renault Clio WallpapersRenault Clio Wallpapers
Renault Clio Wallpapers

Renault Clio WallpapersRenault Clio Wallpapers
Renault Clio Wallpapers


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