Cadillac Eldorado Wallpapers

The Eldorado model was part of the Cadillac line from 1953 to 2002. The Cadillac Eldorado was the longest running American personal luxury car as it was the only one sold after the 1999 model year. Its main competitors included the Lincoln Mark Series and the lower-priced Buick Riviera.

Although cars bearing the name varied considerably in bodystyle and mechanical layout during this long period, the Eldorado models were always near the top of the Cadillac line. Nevertheless, and except for the Eldorado Brougham models of 1957–1960, the most expensive models were always the opulent, long wheel-based Series 75 sedans and limousines, not the Eldorado.


ft. myers used suv said...

I need some well quality used Cadillac SUV. Can you please suggest me any such?
In this case price plays one important role and I've to choose one on the basis of the price.

Rj TOXIOUS said...

Ya sure. You stay connected with the blog I'll definitely update some cool suv's. Thanks :))

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